Ngozi Theodora Otiaba


My name is Ngozi Theodora Otiaba. I create fun and interesting bilingual books for children and adults. I enjoy speaking my native language and I’d love for you and your children to do the same, regardless of your geographic location. 

I was born to an Igbo Father and a Greek Mother. I grew up in Nigeria speaking English, Igbo, Greek and Nigerian pidgin. I learnt Igbo in school and from everyday social interaction. Greek I learnt at home from my parents, despite having no formal education in the language. They simply spoke consistently to me in Greek and I had no option but to learn.
My journey into creating Igbo learning materials began after I became a parent. I wanted a variety of fun and engaging Igbo books for my little one as there is in English language. The options were limited and the gap for multicultural learning resources became apparent. I thought of ways to keep Igbo learning fun and exciting, so I came up with the 100 Word Series which is being translated to other languages to cater to the needs of a wider community.
 Professionally, I have worked in the legal sector for several years with experience cutting across Litigation, Asset Recovery and Land Development.  I was admitted to the Nigerian Bar in 2013 and I hold a Master’s Degree in Law from Queen Mary University of London. 
I have enjoyed every moment spent creating these books and I am very excited about the many other books I will bring to you, your family and loved ones.


I am convinced that if I could learn Greek language while living in Nigeria, you and/or your children too can learn your native language any where in the world. It is tough, but with consistency, we can do it (myself included)!  When I sometimes backslide in speaking Igbo to my little one, I remind myself that I am proof that it is possible with consistency!

Our language is our identity. It is our heritage and it is precious. We must preserve and protect it for the next generation.

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