Ngozi Theodora Otiaba

My First 100 Objects in Igbo Language

This engaging bilingual book is packed with beautiful pictures of everyday objects and things, such as household items, toys, nature, dressing up etc. With over 100 bright and colourful pictures, this book is sure to arouse your child’s curiosity and interest in learning and exploring everyday words in Igbo Language. There’s no better way to teach a child a new word than to show them a picture and link that picture to the word- this is what this book will do for your child. 

Each page comes in a particular colour scheme and each section is dedicated to a different group of objects for instance, moving objects, objects in the kitchen, objects in the living room etc. The Igbo words are highlighted in a different colour from the English words to clearly differentiate the two and to make the words stand out. 

This book is not only for the young kids, but also for the older ones and for you parents to brush your Igbo skills up.  Overall, it is a great book which will develop your child’s speech, stimulate their senses and familiarise them with new Igbo words. This book comes in a soft cover, hardcover and e-book version. 



ISBN: 978-1-8383285-5-9

Length: 24 pages

Size: 216mm x 279mm


ISBN: 1838328564

Length: 24 pages

Size: 216mm x 279mm



Length: 110 pages